Dream's In 3D

by L-Biz

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Get You Sum
Dream's iN 3D
One More Time
Doing Me
G Thang (Dreezy's Song)
Clean Up feat. LaShawn
30 Minutes
Wake Up
When I'm Dead feat. Jimmy Hu$tle
Million Dollar Question
For The Lo
Eat Late


Buffalo NY Elite MC L-Biz Celebrates his 10th and Final Album with the release of this 14 track masterpiece "Dream's In 3D" ...
With production by EZ onda Beat, Jimmy Dukes, SdotFire & more


releases December 13, 2016

Written, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered at ISB Music Lab
By: Donald "L-Biz" Foreman for iStayBizzy Music

Art Design By: Michael "XL" Martin for XL Photography



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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Track Name: Bankroll Crazy feat. SoEz
So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Verse)

Ok I'm Back Up On My B-I-Z, I Be Fly
Damaging These Beats Then It's Off To The Triage
You Claim You Poppin' Tags But You Shoppin At a Kiosk
If Bird Is The Word, Bet Yo Flocks Fulla Peacocks
Let Me Stop
Playin' Wit You Niggas
I Gotta Go Get This Money, Cause Wifey She Wanna Live Lavish
Joking Around Wit My Cabbage
Lunatic You Must Be Outta Yo Rabbit
If Cheddar Gon Better My Status, And I Got Habits
I Gotta Have It
I Gotta Flip It, Stack It, Stash It
Some In The Ceiling, More In The Mattress
Bankroll Crazy, No Straight Jackets
If I Throw Some Girl You Better Get Yo Basket
Don't Be Passive
Scared Funds Never Made None, So You Gotta Invest In Yo Talent
But, Don't Be Playin' Wit My Paper
Cause I Ain't Talkin' Hoes When I Say We Got Ratchets
Catch A Speed Knot Playing In Traffic
L-Biz Be A Cash Flow Addict Yeah!

So EZ (Hook)

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3
So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Verse 2)

While You Mackin' For A Dinner Date
I'm Stackin' For Some Real Estate
Nibble Off My Kibbles, I Might Beat You With My Dinner Plate
You Trappin' Or You Livin' Straight
That's Hustle I Would Never Hate
But Show Up To The Party Late
Then You Don't Get No Birthday Cake
Trick This My Party
I'll Spazz Out If I Want To
Stop Actin' Funny, Go Get Some Money
Quit Sweatin' Them Niggas, They Don't Want You
I Got Lambo Dreams & A Impala Income
I Need All My Points With The And 1
When I Pull Up In A Tan One Wit A Tan One
They Throw Shade Cause They Can't
And Biz Bring The Heat With No UV
Only Taking One Cause It's Too Seats
If You Backin' Up For This Loose Leaf
Got Plan B for these Groupies
They On X, That's Group E
I'm A Cool G, Not Coogi
But A Ice Tea, With a Cool Breeze
And I Grind Hard For That New Cream
Yo Birds Dip For That Blew Cheese
You A Stand In Like It's No Seats
I'm A Stand Out And I'm About Green
So Don't Play

So EZ (Hook):

Don't Play With My Paper x 4
I Need My Bankroll Crazy
Bankroll Crazy x 3

L-Biz (Bridge)

If I Ain't No Money
Then I Ain't Got A Smile On
Grindin' For That Chicken So Them Chickens I Can Style On
If You Playin' With My Money
Who You Actin' Like A Child On
Ain't About The Benji's Leave Leave Leave It At The Dial Tone

So EZ (Hook Out)