Beautiful (Single & Instrumental)

by L-Biz



released February 14, 2013




L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful

Verse 1:
T-Shirt, Sweats, Gucci, Guess
Vicky got a secret / Bet you tell it the best
Left my crib / Without my vest
Now cupid got his arrow pointed at my chest
I, I must confess / when I'm lookin' at you lookin' how you lookin'
All I think about is / Sex
What did you expect / I wouldn't see your inner centerfold
without the bare minerals?
And Lore'l she can tell a story well / But I ain't intrested in them visual fairytales
See you can buy in to the image they try to sell
But even when it's cinema it starts with a reel / For real
I mean it's cool for the magazines / But you was already winning before Charlie Sheen
Before Mabeline / You had the vaseline / Rockin' a ponytail
And girl you rock it well

Said Your Beautiful
In my eyes you're more than gifted / Don't Let no one tell you different
Yeah / You're Beautiful
Somethin' bout the way you do what you do girl / Make me wanna tell the world

Verse 2:

You got Indian in ya family / I doubt it
But that virgin remy you ain't leavin' home without it
Mental visions of us lovin' / They gettin' kinda clouded
Girl you so made up / It's hard to tell what you made of
Lift them Gabana shades / Kick them heels off

(I love the way you got your toes done)

And you got alotta class / Cause usually I'd pass
On them women with extensions on their / eye-lash-es
She's / Got a false sense of self
And calling her a B**** / Homie it don't help
She's picture perfect on the outside / But the bitterness is buried on the inside / Where the pain lies
And lies hurt / But love heals / If you ain't lovin' yourself baby GOD will
Me too / See Boo / What I'm tryna say is you're so / you're so / you're so


Take A Look In the Mirror / Be proud of yourself (repeat)

Chorus (Out)

Written by: L-Biz
Background vocals/arrangement by: L-Biz
Produced by: L-Biz ...contains samples of "Levels" by Bilal, from Airtight's Revenge

Recorded at I.S.B. Music Lab; Buffalo, NY