YaHeardDat? - The Album

by L-Biz



Available as digital download and physical CD... be on the look out for YaHearDat? on iHeartRadio


released November 11, 2013

with production by: Vanilla, Dizzy Beatz, Rick Hyde, Plantar Fasciitis, & LBizOnDaTrack

Recorded at I.S.B. Music Lab, Buffalo NY
Mixed by Mike "XL" Martin for A LIl' Noise & L-Biz for I.S.B. Music LLC. / BMI



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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Track Name: The Rage
No sleep for the winner's let the losers sleep sound
Hustle like I'm Russell watch the money come down
You gon' hate me when your make believe is how I'm living now
So them diamonds you rhyming bout... Give it up clown
Anti-up before I up the anti and squeeze
Nigga hand me bucks or I will blame'em up then leave
Those Israeli guns are really hard to tuck in sleeve
Witness my art of war lovely art illery
Man, sleep deprivation got me hallucinating
All these dollars I been chasing, damn it I'm losing patience
Skimming pages of them XXL magazines
Freshman Class Ass, I don't even want a seat
Well, maybe I do just to show them how I go in
Biz handles Biz when he flowin'
But I'm knowing I don't wanna be a slave to the machine
And my lack of sleep makes it hard for me to dream
All these one trick ponies reminding me of Kareem
You can call me a hater, I call it how I see
Go hard cause my babies need a reason to believe
28 days later still the rage is in me, F**k a genre
Ain't no way you caging me
I'mma do it how I wanna, bring the sauna to the shade
Turn lemons to Ace of Spade, Muthaf**k your lemonade
Plenty dues I've paid, time to claim a return on my investment
Bullsh*t rap they got N***as digestin'
Why you think I sh*t on all these whack Mcs
Why am I throwing up, why they only dry heave
I mean, J. Cole's a spitter, Kendrick is iller
But the rest of these n***as straight filler
My delivery is killer, anthrax on the track when I rap
If you whack, don't speak please, don't give me dap
If nobody ever told you that you different
Chances are your whole damn life is a gimmick
Uncut how I give it, raw truth and fiction
Listen how I paint your picture HD vivid when I spit it.
Track Name: Cool Yet
Verse 1

Top notch women, every single weekend
Top shelf liquor, a lot of heavy drinkin'
Living like a star, mars, Jupiter, and Venus
Didn't mean to scuff your knees, but best believe me your a genius baby
I'm just tryna urn, cash till I'm ashes
So, if you tryna learn, I could show ya ass some magic
Mash the button on the dash and watch the roof evaporate
Or maybe disappear my dear, I don't mean to exaggerate see..
I dream big with my eyes wide open,
A shot at the top spot, one eye wide scopin'
These rappers are fallacies they believe in false hopin'
Some dope in a rapper's weed'll have him thinkin' that he Moses
The game's the hardest chick I ever tried pleasin'
My grind's Mrs. Dash, cause it last all season
Give them plenty reason to tell me i'm the best
Still I hear these haters screaming that...


I ain't even, I ain't even cool yet
I ain't even cool yet...I ain't even cool yet, I ain't even cool yet
If I bodied ya favorite rapper, and f**ked ya favorite model chick
My status in the game lames still won't acknowledge it
No matter what i'm doing you losers are not impressed
Only leads me to believe that...
I ain't even cool yet

Verse 2

See Drugs was lookin' like an option
Until I made the grade and went to college
But Bizzy needed money so I dropped it
Started gettin' cash stashed underneath the cockpit
Knowing this ain't the road to the land I was promised
Got my momma praying for me, baby momma slaving for me
Cousin tryna tell me don't worry you'll make it homie
All roads read dead end, but I was still revvin'
Till a jail cell was where my engine failed, I was dead in this world
Just a squirrel f**k a nut, i'm raising girls, knuckle up i'm never scared
I don't wanna take it there, so I prayed
Changed my ways, still hate my wage, to break these chains
I rape each stage I ever step on
For ever accolade still feel like i'm slept on
My competition throbbin', it's obvious they done slept wrong
Done gave'em plenty reasons to tell me that i'm the best
Still I hear these haters screamin that...

Chrous (Out)
Track Name: Slow Down

I think you need to slow down
If you didn't know you need to know now
I'm just tryna give you lames the low down
Ya hoe round, then she's about to go down
I think you need to slow down
We don't really wanna have to show clowns
But those frowns, mean it's about to go down
I think ya need to slowdown...
Verse 1

It's the crème de la crème I'm him your girls friend
I treat her like an achilis to the (Knee)ds I'm a tendon
When she with me, she do a whole lotta bendin'
Sex like a marathon, she be all winded
Game vicious, game 10 x 10
Millionaire pendin' i'll be there in a minute
Now that I got your attention i'm inchin'
Closer to the crowd where the divas be,
Lookin' for a man eater, bout to feed the beast then leave her sleep
I don't wanna keep the freak, I just wanna borrow that
Maybe later on tomorrow you can have her back
Don't be actin' bad
You got goons well I got goons, you got tools well we got tools wanna see
Don't let ya chicken be the reason you leakin'
And bleedin' all over your Jesus Piece...like this

Verse 2

I'mma awesome ass fella, flyer than propellers
They thirstin for my lovin' so I gotta propel them
I can't help it, I am such an upgrade,
Watch like a magic wand, all it takes is one wave
Used to be the magic juan, Don of the club scene
Chilled for a little bit to let these lame f**ks breathe
Trust me it's unfair when I go there,
All I get is sexual advances and cold stares
I swear if a loser wanna push me, he'll get crushed
And I'm snatchin his pink cookie
Tool on the waste here have a look see
I ain't talkin' to you pussy, this is all for the nookie
Biz got room keys, off to the penthouse
Hoes like pastachios, i'm tryna get the nut out
Her legs like a shell, Bizzy cracker like a gram
Sexual overdose, i'm a kila... Damn



If you don't want yo chick with me,
I suggest you leave her home my n***a
Cause if you bring her along my n***a
I promise you she'll be gone my n***a
My winning attitude is so contagious
So if I want her I can take yo lady
Don't blame me, blame it on the hustle
So if you wanna tussle I think you need to

Slow Down