YaHeardDat? - The Mixtape

by L-Biz



released November 11, 2013



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L-Biz Buffalo, New York

Artist & Creator of I.S.B. Music and iStayBizzy lifestyle brand. Hailing from Buffalo New York, L-Biz is one of the most electrifying artists of his genre. Blending intensely witty lyrics, Biz has captured the ears of audiences from Spain to Portugal and back to Italy. So, it's not hard to understand his slogan, "Work Hard, Play Hard, Stay Bizzy!" ... more

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Track Name: Welcome 2 My City (ISB DubStep Mix)
Verse One

For the C-Notes, get a nigga missed in B-Lo
Haunted by a missed field kick in B-Lo
Still Bills what we try to get, that's B-Lo
Home of the shadiest C-Lo games, nigga we don't play
Get robbed for a bus pass, Spot cops on the block then you must dash
Dirty biddies put they tittes on ya mustache
At Chit Chat's, throwin $1s to the Musckrats
Summer time, Delaware, we play ball
Heavy runs, light ones Masten Park
MLK after dark don't go, Ridin' dirty in Cheektowaga is a No No
So the Galleria Mall, I don't go
I be at Rick's coppin my kicks
Or I'm hoppin' in the whip, with a pocket fulla skrilla
Holla at Jae Skeese... He's So Villa
And I rep that Stil'a till the hustle end,
Got the city pit-bull locked, muzzle him
Block Party, Juneteenth we tusslin'
Pop, Pop gunshots, we duckin' them ...shiiiiit
I'd rather just stay at home, in the lab wit a pen when i'm in my zone
Take a shot to the head while I count my bread
Thinking to myself, ain't no place like home.

Verse Two

(They Be Askin' Me)
Damn Bizzy why you killin' the beat, like that?
I be puttin' on for my city, Buffalo New York
where the F**k you at?
On the Chip Strip gettin' twisted, lookin' for a thick chick
Headed to the East side, Swing pass the Blush or Buffalo Live
Might catch the train, I'm too drunk to drive, if Mike pass the plane
You know that we high
And my homie Johnny Pockets, got that Kush
And DJ Gus is the Big Bad Wolf at the Big Bad Wolf
Where the party rocks, city don't shut down till' 5 o'clock cause
Jim's ain't servin' no more sandwiches for you dummies
So I guess it's off to Denny's homie we got the Munchies..Woooo